Strategy and Innovation

New ideas are the core of corporate growth. And there are two crucial aspects of the need to generate new ideas; how do you kick start and sustain the pipeline of innovation and how do you implement new opportunities with your existing team. Chief Growth Officers can assist you with both aspects of this challenge. We bring world renowned innovation expert, Susan Robertson who assists you in understanding and envisioning new possibilities for growth. We also bring the high powered talent to help you build the systems and processes that will transform your vision into reality.

Your company can take advantage of three primary areas of innovation:

  1. Making your current products and services better (and preventing new potential competitors from eating your market share),
  2. Removing costs, improving systems and training people to make your current products and services more cost effective (and preventing your potential competitors from forcing you to make these changes reactively as they as eroding your revenue by taking away your market share),
  3. Identifying entirely new products and services which either meet unmet needs or unidentified needs.

But the goal of innovation without a plan of implementation is just a dream. You need a vision and a strategy to realize your potential.


Finance and Accounting

Your best business decisions are based on data and analysis. Our finance experts can assist your CFO (or provide finance expertise if you need CFO level existing accounting and finance support) to provide the analytics you need to grow your business. We can help reconfigure your accounting and finance department to accommodate growth, to enhance reporting, or to reduce costs. We can also provide support for special projects and expansion planning. Most importantly all of our interim CFO’s have actually been CFO’s so you have the confidence that we understand how your accounting and finance functions fit into your larger strategic vision.


Operations and People

People. Products. Process. Organize all three around your corporate vision, execute, and watch the visible results. By identifying process improvements, increasing efficacies and reducing costs our operations specialists can help you structure your company to absorb current growth or prepare for future growth.

We know that identifying, training and incenting your team is key to not only delivering to your current clients, but organizing your internal processes is essential to reduce effort, time and costs so your team can identify and support future growth. Our ultimate goal is to organize your processes to ensure exceptional customer service and client retention to drive growth.


Marketing and Business Development

Marketing is the foundation for all successful business development. Our marketing experts work with businesses to develop and communicate the value of the company’s products and services. Our marketing experience includes brand and logo assessment/creation, building websites, and developing social media/e-newsletter campaigns. In addition we support association, trade show, special event and all other human interaction marketing activities. We provide radio, video, billboard and print service through our strategic partners.

The creation of new client relationships is essential to every company. Growth is based on not only finding new clients but also retaining current clients. Effective business development requires forming relationships in one on one settings where sales people can learn about the unique needs of their prospects and clients. We assist our clients in creating business development plans for one person or for an entire company, which can include key client and account management, client attrition analysis and community engagement assessment.